Automatic Fish Feeder

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FFAZ Automatic Feeders - directly from the Inventor

The fish feeder for economical use

When used in a recirculating system the perfect complement

Automatic Live Brine Shrimp Feeder
New Control

Made in Germany

Automatied Fish Feeder

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  • Aquaculture offers an unlimited range of possibilities.

    For our versatile feeder, integrated in your fish farm economy significantly improved their waters.

    The automatic fish feeder for ponds, pools, and each feed size.
    Whether trout, carp, tilapia, tilapia, catfish, koi, sturgeon, for your fish / pond fish but the best.

    Here are a few examples that can be transferred to your fish:
  • In a conventional aquaculture, the fish are fed automatically.

  • A recirculation system equipped with a feed sprayer, reduces water pollution and extends the life of the filter system.

  • A modern aquaponic system is automated with an automatic food dispenser and optimized. So you can use the time thus gained to care for your

  • The spreading unit reduces uneven growth considerably and reduces the stress on feed intake.

  • Due to the significant savings, the feeder amortized own.

  • Cancers such as salt brine shrimp are always crucial in fish farming.
    Of live feeder fed nauplii as adult LBs playing.
    This can be used on the basis of autoclavable container for other purposes in food production.